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Considering an acewell 2853 tach/speedo?

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Considering an acewell 2853 tach/speedo?

PostAuthor: crdnick » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:59 am

some things to note if you are.

im going to assume you're already okay with moving the fuses and were past all that. im going to talk about hooking up the speedo part.
The acewell comes with a magnetic bolt, and a magnetic pickup (Hideous but functional) BUT since we cant get rid of the mechanical pickup assembly on the wheel... might as well use it

Acewell offers adaptor cables to use your mechanical pickup. its part number is S4. theres a problem though: while the thread and square drive are correct, its too short to make it into the gear and no they dont make one the correct length for us.

factory connection is about 1.1 inches too long

solution: drill out this incredibly small spring pin ( lots of praying and cursing used interchangeably)

have your local machinist make you a new connection. ~~~~ IT MUST BE MADE OF BRASS OR SIMILAR ALLOY~~~~~ you cant use alum or any steels.

If your local shop charges you more then 50$ go elsewhere. its 3/4 inch of .500 brass in material and should be about 15 mins to make one.

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Re: Considering an acewell 2853 tach/speedo?

PostAuthor: Wesso » Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:15 am

Just for the record... I have an Acewell computer fitted to my XV250 which came with the option of using either the Reed (magnetic) sensor or the Hall (electrical/mechanical) sensor. I have used both sensors at one stage and found that the Reed sensor is much more accurate than the Hall sensor and much easier to set up.
When I bought my XV1100S I was curious as to whether the Hall sensor would work on it so I screwed it into the speedo drive head and sure enough it worked exactly as it is meant to. What I will say is that the thread on the speedo drive head looks to be shorter than the one that you have displayed above.
I did post a topic in the XV250 forum specifically on fitting an Acewell computer to a Virago. In that topic I have a few pics showing how I fitted the Reed sensor to the front wheel and the shocky tube.
You could use the same method to mount yours on the XV1100.
Acewell also have a much larger range of bolts with magnetic heads than they used to so it should be easier to fit the Reed sensor these days.
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