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Where to. Start with recently bought 83 xv500

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 4:08 pm
Author: Hard1960
Hello from WA. State! I ran long fuel hoses to set tank higher than carbs. Starts for a minute then dies. Any suggestions where to start?

Re: Where to. Start with recently bought 83 xv500

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:45 am
Author: Timbox3899
I know this is a old post but here we go. Most older bikes that have been sitting will need to have their carbs cleaned. Taking them off the first time is a little interesting the first few times. Take your time with the carbs and make sure that you get all the little holes cleaned out. Use carb cleaner (I use B-12 chemtool) but make sure you don't just spray it all over the place. You want to stay away from rubber parts with the cleaner as it will dry and or crack them. If that happens you will have to replace them.

There is a very small jet in the bottom of the float bowl cover. Using a small with (bred tie) carb cleaner and compressed air will eventually get that to clear. When taking out the rest of the jets, try to find a screw driver that fits almost perfectly. If not, you have a chance to damage the top of the jet. If you can get a pliers or vice grip on them, that will work too, just be careful. Under the main jet there is a emulsion tub that needs to be pushed out to the venture area of the carb. Clean it up really well and also the area it came out of. I use "Q" tips with the B-12 along with compressed air.

I know this is late but I hope you have the bike running well and are enjoying it.