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VIN lookup, and 750 vs. 920

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 8:32 pm
Author: joeydokey
Hey folks. I’m looking to buy a new Virago. First off, not sure if I should be looking for a 920 or 750. Would like to hear your opinions two, and pros and cons of each.
Second, a guy nearby is selling one. He claims it’s an 83 and he was told it was an 1100. I didn’t think they made that size, that year. It has a VIN of JYA4X7003BA017597. Can’t figure out what engine size it is.

Re: VIN lookup, and 750 vs. 920

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:51 pm
Author: Jake
My VIN checks say it’s a 1981 XV750, and no the 1100 wasn’t available until 1986. It is possible that someone installed an 1100 on an ‘81 frame.

750 or 920, not much difference except power.

Re: VIN lookup, and 750 vs. 920

PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:31 pm
Author: beltdrive
As far as I know the 750 is the same "Gen 1" in 1981, 1982 , 1983

The 920 came out in 1982, as the first XV with a Virago name on the side cover, it was very different than the 750, it had a bigger engine for once, as well as  different fork with air assist and 4 level of damping and double disc brakes, it had a adjustable aluminum handlebar, a digital instrument cluster "cycom" , slash cut mufflers, squarelights front and rear, as well as square turn signals,

In 1983 the 920 was very different, it became a " 750 look alike", with only a different tank and a bigger engine, everything else was the same as the 750, as they were waiting for the new completely different design 1984 XV 1000 - "Gen 2" , with a different  starter system, from the EU TR1 and one piece frame with double shocks on the rear. that now had a 15" wheel, instead of Gen 1 with a 16 "on the rear. 

They all have engine size on the bottom of the cylinders, unless they were filled of, so it will say 920 or 981 I believe. 

Re: VIN lookup, and 750 vs. 920

PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:08 pm
Author: mark75

Welcome to VTF.


at the base of the cylinder just above the crankcase you'll find a cast-in number.
on the 750 [IIRC] it says 748? 749? - any I ever saw were just less than 750 ... ditto 700 or 920 or 1000 or 1100.

works out to Volume = (h) x (pi=3.14) x (radius - times itself) per cylinder or V= stroke x bore (+/- they usually round it 'up' a bit) :con:

JMO: which-ever Gen-II ['86-'99] would be my 1st choice.
Only because it is getting harder to find good cheap, NOS parts for Gen-I and '84-'85 transition to Gen-II (US-xv1000), NTM the "after-market" parts supply for early XV was never huge.