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XV500 OEM Fuel Pump Repair [Fix]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 2:45 pm
Author: rchawaii
So, for some time I have been messing with the 500. During all of my troubleshooting experience, one of the things that could be problematic is the fuel pump. In most parts ware houses the parts repair kit (Diaphragms and gaskets) are not available. And finding a new 500 Pump is impossible.

So, some time ago someone suggested using the XV250 Fuel pump. Since its winter I ordered one just to look at it.

The pump was cheap, like 20 bucks or so off of ebay. The pump internals are exactly like the 500. The differences are the port locations for the inlet and placement/orientation of the outlet tube. The inlet is a 90 degree bend so it is no longer a straight shot to the petcock like the stock was. Also the outlet tube on the top of the 250 pump is too long and comes out at a different angle. To use the pump as it is, you would have to reroute the petcock fuel out/pump in to avoid that 90 degree bend and have to cut the upper outlet tube or reroute that oem hose as well. The other problem is the mounting screws are smaller in the 250 pump than the 500. SO, your stock mounting screws wont work and they do not come with them.

However, The gaskets and diaphragms are all exactly the same.

Take the 250 pump and 500 pump and disassemble both side by side.

Use the back of the 500 pump(Since this is the mount anyway), the gasket, plastic diaphragm and other gasket then use and the center piece of the 500 pump. then the gasket, plastic diaphragm and gasket, also while replacing the two small port diaphragms' and then the front of the new 250 pump and you basically have a new 500 pump.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Re: XV500 OEM Fuel Pump Repair [Fix]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:41 pm
Author: Jake
:thanks: Good info !