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1984-85 XV1000 fuel and vacuum routing

PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:48 pm
Author: LongRoadHome
The XV1000 vacuum lines get confusing to me, not knowing them in person, so I can only hope other people can figure it out. I'm just 99% certain the farthest left end goes to the pressure sensor, with the rest going to MCV... maybe.

In advance, since I can't edit or reply once these get locked: You're welcome Jake, everyone!

Been fun doing this so I could get a better idea of what other people are working with. I have trouble with the 1st Gen XV750 and XV920 so don't expect to see those from me (well, I won't give up yet) but after doing the earliest XV1100-- which I am posting right after this one-- I pity anyone trying to put together the original setups from scratch!
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