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Is that a crossover pipe?

Cut it, Bend it, Weld it, Pack it.
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Is that a crossover pipe?

PostAuthor: GhostPigs » Sat Dec 05, 2020 12:57 am

I was watching videos about corvettes with V8’s and I learned that some owner install crossover pipes to give the engine this “scavenge” effect so I noticed a blackened rusty box bellow the seat that connects the end of the headers of my Virago 250. I knew this could be used or it is a crossover pipe. I watches the videos and listen to two types of crossover pipes H which i think sounds best and X type. I really want my motorcycle to make it sound interesting after a few years without baffles and stock exhaust. Do you know what’s inside that black box (I think what’s inside is the catalytic converter honey comb). And if something is inside and cut the box and pull out what’s inside and weld it back would that be an Crossover H pipe?
I think nobody has asked this in a forum for some reason.

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Re: Is that a crossover pipe?

PostAuthor: Flyingdog » Sat Dec 05, 2020 1:44 am

GhostPigs wrote:I really want my motorcycle to make it sound interesting after a few years without baffles and stock exhaust.

Guess I'm not sure what is meant by an "interesting sound" or what's try'n to be accomplished. Makes no nevermind, anyway. I remember come'n across this yrs ago and may effect your approach. Not exactly sure why (by way of an engineering standpoint), Yamaha did it this way..other than possibly as an esthetic standpoint. Meaning, having that rear exhaust (one seen) being a fake pipe and/or other than to equalize the "look". And..the actually rear exhaust routing into that box...eventually exiting/combining "into" the front exhaust.

I don't think that box is a cat in the true since of the word. Meaning, these don't use chemicals and compounds to change and convert the makeup of exhaust gas. More of a deadening chamber for the rear cylinder. As with most V-twins, the rear hits harder and by means of few deflectors, deadens the sound. Besides, also trying the equalize the front and rears (pipes) lengths. I wouldn't call it a X-over, but more of a collection point. Could also be waay off base, as I've never owned a 250. Either way..weird.
xv250 fake rear exhaust.PNG
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