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Straight bar rearview mirror help please

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Straight bar rearview mirror help please

PostAuthor: thescreaminchicken » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:01 pm

Hey. I just got a Virago, and the seller was into going bobber on all the cruisers he had. No issue there. I prefer the straight bar look. The entire experience was new to me, so I missed a lot of things I didn't see until looking the bike over carefully week after week. I saw the rearview mirrors were missing, and just found out for Florida, at least one is required to legally operate a bike.

I read about the left thread left mirror, right thread right mirror issue. But mine is about types. I would like to add end bar rearview mirrors. I will be going to eBay for them. But here is the issue.

Please check the size before you purchase

Fit any Motorcycle/Street bike/Sport bike/Cruiser/Chopper models with 7/8" Handlebar

What on or where on the bar am I to measure? By the way, the bar holes near the odometer face upward. I hoped they would face downward so I could install hanging rearview mirrors, but no. So I will have to get this size measurement handled before buying any mirrors.
2005 Yamaha V-Star Virago XV250
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Re: Straight bar rearview mirror help please

PostAuthor: Sr.MailMan » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:50 pm

Bar END mirrors fit inside the 7/8" XV250 handle bars. Stock or straight bars.
If you get the cheap$$ mirrors, use loctite green on the screws that hold the mirror to it's stem.
Because you will not be able to get to the screw heads to tighten them and they will loosen from the vibration.(the heads are behind the glass)
I have them and they work great,once installed properly.
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