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I am pretty sure I blew my rear cylinder head gasket.

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I am pretty sure I blew my rear cylinder head gasket.

PostAuthor: CrispyTurtle » Thu May 18, 2017 12:41 pm

Hello there. When one thing is fixed, another thing stops working. I think i'm starting to get how my bike runs now.

So I recently installed Larish41 exhaust onto my Route 66 (XV250) At first, I did not have it tuned right and it backfired, especially from the rear cylinder. I rejet and set the carb to where most of it was out, but some would manage to escape when you decelled from over 7k rpm. I was actually about to purchase baffles as I started to worry about the health of my engine when the worse seemed to be spotted.

Along the back side of the rear piston head (Where the head gasket is) you can spot a dark ring. I Also noticed when you decelerate now, you can hear a vacuum like sound as you do so. It sounds a little more raspy than usual when accelerating, but then here's the real treat.

When you whomp on the gas, wide open, you can spot puffs of smoke blasting out of the head gasket on the left side of the engine. Perfect.

So I am going to dismount my engine and take apart both top ends, just to inspect them. I already have my head new head gaskets here to put in. I hope I have not done any harm to the engine, but I will only be sure when I am inside of the heads.

That brings to question, are there any special tools I will need if I have to time the cam or valves? What potential damage could I have done if the gasket is gone? (Which it is) I have the Service Manual for my bike, so this shouldn't be too difficult, just sweat inducing.

Thanks for all the help and tips! :bike2:

Disclaimer: (This is not to bring harm against the reputation of Larish41 Exhaust. This is all user error and he is not the man at fault for what has happened. His exhaust system is crafted expertly and is a great exhaust kit. This Is My error, Do not be discouraged from buying Larish41 Exhaust. It's one of the best decisions you can do for your 250.)

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