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Oil change, spare the small o-ring XV700 to XV1100

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Oil change, spare the small o-ring XV700 to XV1100

PostAuthor: Jake » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:59 pm

I’ve posted about this at different times, it’s time I do this write up.

I can’t say how many times, I’ve read posts where someone has an oil leak after changing oil and filter.

Usually the culprit is the small o-ring on the bottom bolt of the oil filter cover is lost during the filter change, or the o-ring gets torn by the threads on the bolt, either by insertion or withdrawal.

Surprisingly, some are not even aware there is even an o-ring on the bottom. I suppose part is due to the filters they purchase do not include new o-rings. To be honest, you can reuse the o-rings many times. I’m using the same large o-rings that were on the bike when I bought it in 2006, and only replaced the small o-ring once after the first oil and filter change, simply because I lost the small one in the drain pan. Newbie mistake, I didn’t know there was a small o-ring there, mainly because I don’t have a lift and needless to say, when you are on your knees changing oil, the little o-ring and it’s recess in the engine is below eyelevel.

Most people will back out the bolts until they don’t feel resistance then pull the bolts out. If you bought oil filters with rings included, all fine and dandy, go ahead and use the new one, but beware, you can also ruin the new small o-ring ( bottom bolt ) on reinstalling the cover.

Here is what I do. I remove the bottom oil filter cover bolt by threading it completely out of the cover. I never pull the bolt ( did that the first oil change ). Pulling it out will sometimes result in tearing the o-ring, and certainly dislodge it from the recess in the engine, and when the filter cover is pulled away, the o-ring, being out of sight drops into your oil drain pan.

After I unscrew the bottom bolt, I very carefully remove the filter cover, usually I hold a paper towel under the bottom bolt hole to catch the o-ring, if it drops. Sometimes it stays in place on the engine.

On reinstall, I put the bottom bolt through the filter cover first, then thread the o-ring ( lubed not dry ) onto the bolt, sliding it the remaining length all the way to the cover. Then I thread the bottom bolt into the engine followed by the other two.

If you put the o-ring in place on the engine side, then put your cover on, you have a tendency to push the bolt through the o-ring, which is another no no. You can tear the ring that way too, threads are sharp and do damage to such a small piece of synthetic.

I hope this helps some of you reading this.

Small o-ring recess:


Small o-ring in place:


Notice the oil filter with the hole out ! That’s the way they go in on all 700, 750, 920, 1000 and 1100.
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