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carb removal made easy

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carb removal made easy

PostAuthor: tubz » Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:37 pm

Hi, just like to say this about carb removal / refitting ... I have found there is no real need to remove or drain the tank. This is how i do it...Remove the seat....remove the bolt that holds the tank down at the rear of the tank.....gently pull the tank back to get it off the rubber lugs at the front...lift the tank up a bit at the front and place a wd 40 spray can (large size can) on its side in the tank gully and let it rest on the frame spine. This gives you ample room to remove the the carbs. Draining the tank is unnecessary. Lets face it, draining a tank into some kind of vessel is pretty dangerous ... Leave the gas in the sealed tank...and dont remove the tank from the bike.... easy and safe...
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