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Torque Specs and Thread Locking Compound

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Torque Specs and Thread Locking Compound

PostAuthor: IDDoctor » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:07 pm

So went to do a new starter clutch on the '93 XV1100. Could not afford the over $300 at OEM Yamaha websites. And after reading the horror stories others on this website had with inexpensive $30-40 knock-offs I decided I would stick with OEM.

Found a ''OEM'' on ebay for $120 and ordered it. Got it. Went to install it and did not fit the starter shaft. About 1/64'' difference in diameter bushing ID and shaft OD. So I returned it for a credit. Was it OEM? Don't know and will never know but it did not look like my original clutch-case built a little differently and bushing of new ''OEM'' clutch did not have dimples on it's surface like the original OEM Yamaha part.

So what is one to do? I knew I wanted OEM to avoid nightmares and I knew I wanted to not spend $300 plus. So I got a used OEM, again off of eBay from a '97 with 7000 miles but an unknown number of starts for around $80 Ordered it. Got it. It looked just like my original-same case, same dimpled bushing. I tested it for ''clutch'' action. Yep, locked in one direction and would let loose in the other if you put some torque to it. And it fit the starter shaft perfectly.

I put it in and got the crankcase cover back on with ease thankfully. Went to re-install the starter solenoid/lever system but I thought the Clymer manual was off. It did not say anything about using thread lock compound on the solenoid mounting nuts or the collar bolt, just on the lever pivot screw. It also did not list the torque specs for the collar bolt.

I knew something was amiss with the manuals instructions because someone at some time in the past had used RED thread lock compound on that collar bolt. I know because I had one heck of a time getting it off-had to use my impact screw-driver and a bunch of hammering. Actually had to go and buy a new 3/8'' drive Torx 30 bit because the first one snapped trying to un-do the collar bolt. After I got the collar bolt off I could see the residual RED thread locking compound.

So I opened up the the Yamaha Service manual downloaded from this site (THANKS) to find the torque specs for this system. And to learn what Yamaha said about thread locking compound use.

And I learned some things. Clymers torque specs did pretty much match Yamahas. And Yamaha listed the torque specs for all nuts and bolts in the system; the solenoid mounting nuts, the lever pivot screw and the collar bolt. And perhaps most importantly Yamaha called for thread locking compound, specifically Loctite, on all of the involved nuts and bolts not just the lever pivot bolt where it threads into the case which is what the Clymer manual spec'd.

Makes sence as there are no lock washers involved at all in this system. Just be sure to use the proper colored Loctite and that color is not RED you can be sure.

So what's the moral of this storey? I have learned that to work on these bikes you need to read and refer to multiple sources....this site, and both if not all three (Clymer, Yamaha and Haynes) repair manuals too as none of the manuals are 100% perfect. But then who or what is?

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Re: Torque Specs and Thread Locking Compound

PostAuthor: mark75 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:29 pm

use JPCycles, MC- S/Store, etc. [links in column at left]. they are friends of VTF and supporters when those links are used to buy.

& Ricks Electro parts / sprag clutches [~90$] work quite well.
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