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Nuts & Bolts....Which goes where??

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Nuts & Bolts....Which goes where??

PostAuthor: IDDoctor » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:09 pm

Bought a '93 XV1100 at an estate auction last November because it was so damn good looking and in quite good shape beneath the dust and dirt. Got one heck of a deal as the auctioneer thought it was a XV535. I did not know what engine it had. I just knew I wanted it. Got it home and took off the right side cover and learned it was the 1100 and not a 535. (Now after 2 months of ownership and wrenching on it I can tell the difference between a 535 and 1100).

First thing I did was clean it up and check all the fluid levels. Next was replace the dead battery. Went to crank it over and got solenoid action and a spinning starter motor but no turning over of the engine. So time to read, read some more and read some again on this forum.

Figured out from the symptoms and my reading a bunch of articles on VTF that most likely I needed a new starter clutch. So that meant that the left side crankcase cover would have to come off. I also knew enough that each bolt from the cover might be specific for the hole. Kinda like those on a water pump in a car. So I figured why not go to the closest Yamaha dealer and get the gasket for the cover, use it as a template on a cardboard box and put the bolts in their respective holes on the box as I removed them.

Problem was the dealer wanted $40 for the gasket and had to order it. I had already seen them at OEM Yamaha parts sites for under $30 so I decided to go that route and order it myself. Actually found one on eBay from a guy in TX for $16 shipped.

Gasket arrived and I got to work. Marked my cardboard box and put the bolts in their holes as i took them off. As it turns out I had the gasket backwards when I used it as a template so my holes were not 100% right on but were close enough to guide me during reassembly.

But what would have happened if I had not thought ahead as I took the bolts off? What if I just threw all the bolts into one container and they got all mixed together? Which one goes where during reassembly? You do not want to put a bolt that is too long into a short hole. It most certainly will not tighten and could cause a really bad problem if it goes too far.

There is a good solution if you happen to make this mistake-mixing all the bolts together.

At the various Yamaha OEM parts sites on the web there are blow up diagrams of the numerous sub-systems on the bikes. If you take a look at the Crankcase Cover-1 diagram Yamaha thankfully gives you two views of the crankcase. One is from an angle showing a typical ''exploded'' drawing. But there is also a direct ''right in front of you'' drawing depicting where three of the #8 bolts go, where the six #9 bolts go and where the three #10 bolts belong. These numbers, 8, 9 and 10 are not their length in mm's or whatever. They just refer to the parts list you see along side the drawing

So all you need to do is take your container of bolts all mixed together and seperate them into three plies based on length.

One pile will consist of six bolts. So those are the #9 bolts and should go where indicated on the drawing.

You will have two piles left each with three bolts. Which one is the #8 and which is the #10?

On my Virago all three #8's were the same color. All three #10's were of coarse the same length but one had a black head while the other two were silver. The black headed #10 goes inside of the clutch adjustment cover so it did not need to be painted and Yamaha saved a penny. The other two #10's go where shown on the drawing.

Is this fool-proof? Heck no. Because you may have mixed in some of the bolts from the ''dog-bone'' cover or the clutch adjustment cover too. But it may help you sort out a container full of bolts. And I would recommend that you take a look at what you are bolting into before you screw in the bolt. Is the bolt you are using for sure the correct length? Hold it up to the two parts you are going to bolt together. Does it look to be the proper length? You can tell how long it needs to be at some of the bolt positions because you can see the length of the bolt holes as cast in the crankcase.

Hope this helps and right there in front of us was a drawing courtesy of Yamaha as a guide.

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Re: Nuts & Bolts....Which goes where??

PostAuthor: bucket220 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:36 pm

You're awesome. I was just getting ready to hop on here and ask this exact question. Hopefully tomorrow the L side cover goes back on my basket case, I just have to go buy the screws and I have the size list, just no idea which goes where.

Thank you!
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Re: Nuts & Bolts....Which goes where??

PostAuthor: Jake » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:04 pm

It's always great when someone brings up info that is helpful. It's been posted before, but a refresher never hurts as it's already benefited bucket220.

There are other details of importance when dealing with the crankcase covers. The bolts should be tightened in sequence and properly torqued. That is laid out in the Factory Service Manual, I've included a screenshot of the sequence.

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Re: Nuts & Bolts....Which goes where??

PostAuthor: mark75 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:10 pm


yes, a drawing with corresponding bolt holes punched in it, is an effective [and easy] tool.

a look at the p/n gives the size of the bolt.

all these bolts are M6, x 40 & 30 & 20mm respectfully ...

#8 is x 40mm. --- 91314-06 0 40-00
#9 is x 30mm. --- 91314-06 0 30-00
#10 is x 20mm. --- 91314-06 0 20-00 ... se-cover-1
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