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Speedometer cable snapped at hub (stuck)

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Speedometer cable snapped at hub (stuck)

PostAuthor: TimSevTr » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:33 am

Speedo died, removed cable from speedo, not turning.

Next removed hub connector which pulled back about 5 cm then stuck. The cable was about half its normal diameter with the outer part frayed both outside and inside the brass fitting. No amount of pulling (short of snapping) was going to free it.

Stripped the inside of the hub but was of little help except to prove the gear wheel teeth in good condition.

The removal method was quite easy once I found a dowel pin (covered in grime) holding the brass fixing in.

Unfortunately the dowel goes into a blind hole, so tapping it out not an option. :ops:

I drilled a 2.5mm hole (about 4mm deep) in from the back of the dowel to find the bottom of the pin, then widened it to 3mm (sorry pic blurred, not worth uploading). Then started to tap it out, once its moved about 1mm i drilled again to get rid of the v-shaped metal left at the tip of the drill, this gave access for a slightly wider punch.

The brass fixture removed quite easy, bringing the gear wheel with it, allowing the wrecked cable to be easily removed from inside them.

All went back together easily :bg:
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