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Speedo/Tach Glass remove/replace - '81 xv920rh

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Speedo/Tach Glass remove/replace - '81 xv920rh

PostAuthor: 1stone0f8 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:31 am

’81 XV920RH Gen 1 - Speedometer - Tachometer Fix - how to remove/replace the glass

So, I was riding along and noticed my speedometer seemed to be behaving irratically…!?
Watching it further, I noticed the faceplate was vibrating, and then the second of the two screws that holds the faceplate secure, popped out…
now the faceplate started moving all over the place and the two screws were also bouncing all around…..not good at all!
(I forgot to take pics at this point)
I removed the speedometer from the case, and removed the lights/wiring.
The only way to remove the glass, so you can access the faceplate and screws, is by removing the bezel surrounding the glass.
The bezel is made of metal, and must be gently pried up and away from the plastic speedo housing….
-->> see the following pictures as they show better than I can explain. <<---
Do this carefully and it will come off the body and go back together just fine….
when the bezel is back in place, carefully press the edge back into place…
I used the edge of a socket wrench, sliding and pressing simultaneously around the bezel edge.
If you were careful and took your time, when it is all put back together and in place on your bike, you won’t be able to tell that it has been apart.
------click on the pics to make 'em bigger------


Posted this because it is do-able and more importantly because it saved me from spending who knows how many $$ on ebay for another speedo!!
crying won't help you, praying won't do you no good…

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