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my Jialing 110

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my Jialing 110

PostAuthor: eslmatt » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:03 am

I am Canadian and live in north eastern China. A small group of us have a variety of motorcycles to get around town, when we have time we like to ride… but the time to ride together is often hard to arrange.


Here is the other bike that I have. Honestly it is all that is really needed here. Motorcycles are not allowed on roads with a speed limit higher than 80kph (50mph). As some of my friends buy bikes I recommend this size and style to them, and those with larger bikes agree to keep those with slow bikes involved. If I did not find my stolen virago, I never would have bought something like it.

The JH110, is based on the cloned engine of the Honda Super Cub. If you are not familiar with it.

It is the same engine that you find on pit bikes and Chinese quads. Generally it has a semi-automatic clutch and a shift pattern of N – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – N; with a centrifugal clutch before the final drive. This has the benefit of being able to ride without using your left hand. This engine is so common, it is really cheap to have worked on, and get parts for. I have had 3 motorcycles with this engine 50cc, 70 and 110. My only complaint is that there is no oil filter. So it needs lots of oil changes.
In China, motorcycles like this are basically the sum of the parts. So if you buy a used bike, and slowly rebuild and upgrade it you can get a much better motorcycle for half the cost of new.

I have upgraded to an over bored cylinder, bumping me up to 125cc. (a new crank can give me an extra 10cc) The carb was really varnished, a new carb was cheaper than cleaning it. I also put on a mushroom air filter hidden inside the frame. Drivers are often inattentive here, and having a louder pipe does increase safety. The straight pipe was too loud so I built the pipe my dad always used when we needed to replace a tail pipe. Now it sounds pretty good. I should probably adjust the carb better, but I would rather ride, and the virago is taking up a lot of my free time now. I also changed the gearing; I was into 4th at around 40kph


Front brakes were upgraded with a disk brake kit; it bolts into the drum and has an external hanger for the caliper. Before I could barely stop, now it stops really well. But it ripped the front fender supports apart; I need to build a brace. I also lost my speedometer because of the disk.


Where I was parking, ended up being a bad place… people kept backing into my bike. So I painted it this bright color. It is the same color used on all of the taxis in the city; makes it easy to color match. I also park in a different place, haven’t been hit since.

The rear shocks were shot, so I picked up this set of off-road shocks. This increases my travel from 1 inch to 4. The gap is ugly, but right now it is function over form, my plan is to lengthen the rear fork, and at least get the wheel centered.
I am 6’8, and the pegs are too close under me, when I added the shocks I had space to drop the foot pegs. It is much more comfortable.

Now the fork seals blew… I need to decide whether to replace the seals ($10) or the forks ($20), or just get a whole new front end for $60 with a new wheel, disk, speedo hookup, trees, all for a larger bike.
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2010 Jailing 110 customized

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Re: my Jialing 110

PostAuthor: drainplug » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:01 am

After that you need some ape hanger bars and some skulls.
Just sayin'
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