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Carb kits

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Carb kits

PostAuthor: Oldie64 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:59 am

Hey all, im not sure if this topic is in FAQ's.
I've posted here previously about gettin this beat to fire on #1 cyl.
I've done everything simply to clean carbs with limited equipment (compressor and carb cleane).
While doin a recent inspection (done a few times lemne tell ya, carbs not really cruddy inside initally) I managed to nearly euchre the slot gettin one of the jets out, but with some extra determination and careful cutting the slot deeper and a tap on screwdriver got it out.
After that I chose to obtain carb kits and replace.
I noticed in th package I got were the usual pieces, new metereing needle float needle and seat, the two jets main and pilot but there was a third piece which was different than the two jets(looks longet and skinnier and looks like a jet), this piece ive not located within my Hitachi carbs. Is is for another type of carb?
I recleaned every orfice I could get into including choke and main needle jet tower.
I installed new metering needle both main and pilot jets
Something the bike shop tech/owner mentioned when i asked him what was the long skiny tube coming from carb top going into hole in float bowl. He mentioned it was the choke jet/circuit. Well in the float bowl there is a tiny hole goun into it and another hole coming out on an angle.
I can see someting in there that could be this jet but no apparent slot to remove so I did my best carefully to clean this out and reassemble.
Well after reassemblung and priming carbs bike started and actually seems to fire on rear cylinder (as I eventually determined it was a fuel problem not spark)
My qusetion in all of this is if this extra piece is a third jet thats in this hole in the float bowl how is it removed and replaced?
In addition I chose not to install new needle valve and seat as it looked like the needle had more tension in the soring loaded pin than my original and on top of that my origiganl needles have a rubber tip the replacements are metal. With this inceeased tension on needle pin i6may have had to adjust float level which I figured why fix what ain't broke .
I still have to remedy my starter issue and have ordered a 4 brush starter as mine seems to labour and rotate slower than it should. Had the same issue with my similarly aged goldwing.

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Re: Carb kits

PostAuthor: chrismalm » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:37 am

Please post a picture of the mystery item. You aren't referring to the idle mixture screw or drain screw are you ? The idle mixture screw is (originally) under a brass plug on the underside of the carb body. I imagine most carbs have had the brass plugs removed by now.

I have never tried to remove the jet in the side of the float bowl. I do not know if that is possible.
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