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Rebuilding 1987 Virago 1100

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Rebuilding 1987 Virago 1100

PostAuthor: Moldy Films » Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:37 pm

So I’ve been given an 87 Virago and told if I can get her to run I can keep her. It’s been partially disassembled and not by me. So far as I can tell;

-The air system has been removed on both sides

-Both fuel tanks have been removed

-Carbs have been removed including the boots, disassembled and rebuilt by myself

-Spark-plugs replaced

-Battery replaced

-Starter replaced

-The engine is not seized as I was able to roll it in second gear.

-Fuel filter replaced

That is the current state of the bike. No air system currently attached, carbs reinstalled. Fresh battery and started installed.

Today I replaced and possibly fried the new solenoid by wiring it backwards (yes I’m a moron) I tried filling the lower reserve tank connecting main tank (empty) made sure kickstand was up and went to start it in neutral with it switched to run. No signs of life from either the starter or the solenoid when hitting the starter button. The fuel pump clicks, but nothing. Just crickets. This is with both old and new solenoid in and 12 volts to both the starter and the solenoid and 2 volts coming from the harness behind the headlight. Any ideas?

Thanks guys :)

Moldy Films
Brand New
Brand New
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Bike year & model: 1987 XV1100 Virago
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