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Battery woes

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Battery woes

PostAuthor: soccerfan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:21 am

On the last of a three day ride earlier this month the dreaded "clicking"
greeted me instead of a start. I mumbled and fiddled and was lucky enough
to have it catch and start so I could get headed home. After everything was
all warmed and charged from riding the day went well.

Upon arrival at the barn I pulled the records and discovered that the battery
was 32 months old. This was a Batteries Plus AGM battery. Took it back to
Batteries Plus and after testing and confirming that the battery was on the way
out, they attempted to sell me an AGM replacement. I politely declined.

My history has been all Interstate Batteries for probably the past 20 years
in all my vehicles. I appreciate their no hassle warranty (auto batteries)
and a location convenient to me. Checking their website there were
three options for me, two AGM batteries for around $140, and a normal
lead-acid model for $75. The AGM battery I bought from Batteries Plus
was a fluke, as the Interstate location didn't have a battery for me that
day, and I needed a same-day replacement.

Personal history tells me that a motorcycle battery is good for +/- four years
and no more. So spending $75 for the basic model, or $140 for the AGM
was sort of a gamble. Will the AGM last twice as long ? Will the basic
model last the standard four years ? Three ?

Anyway, I took the cheap route and I'll try to keep my battery life in mind
before taking off on a multi-day ride.

Other points of view ?
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Re: Battery woes

PostAuthor: DGA » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:11 pm

I bought a Motobatt AGM a few years ago, and it has been great. If the bike sits over winter, the battery never goes down in voltage. I have an aircraft with two oddesey AGM batteries and they sat unused for 3 years until I finally pulled one out and used it for my S10 pickup, and even though it is half the size, it starts and holds a charge fine. I am sold on AGM as you might imagine, plus who wants a toxic battery breather pipe rusting up everything around it?
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Re: Battery woes

PostAuthor: jonno51 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:51 am

I am also a fan of AGM batteries for motorbikes, although based on the prices you quote, we pay a lot less for batteries on this side of the pond.
I have one in the EX, and when the 1100 needs a new one, AGM it will be.
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