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Re-plating gold trim on Midnight Virago

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Re-plating gold trim on Midnight Virago

PostAuthor: ViragoMS » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:03 pm

I have several Yamaha Midnights and have been seeking a source in the US to replate the Yamaha "Syn Gold" that showed up on these bikes. Originally Yamaha had contemplated using actual gold until the accountants decided that was too expensive. So they came up with the Syn Gold. The years are typically not to kind to this coating (flakes, crazes, gets scratched) and when restoring these bikes the challenge is to do something that matches the original factory finish.

Speaking with several platers, some propose actual gold plating, either bare or coated with clear lacquer. They first is impressive, but easily scratched. This is an expensive option. The coated version is only as good as the clear coat applied and is even more expensive. The other option I've found is brass plating, again with a clear lacquer coat. Much less expensive, but if not done well it looks like a fake Rolex. Here are the issues: No one seems interested in a few bits as most platers are commercially oriented and want large volumes. Those who do one off plating jobs mostly do only chrome.

Who have you found that can deliver a gold replating that looks great? Appreciate your input and experience. Thanks!

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