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searayguy manifold

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searayguy manifold

PostAuthor: sleepysal » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:13 pm

After many many problems with my carbs, I bit the bullet and ordered Searayguys (Robert) manifold and carb. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner.
First post so here is a little history ;
I've had my bike a Vstra 650 for about 8 years, When I first got it I rebuilt the carbs and it ran good. I decided to do the GAK it didn't go well striped the mixture screw and broke an easy out in ! So I had to get a different one.
The carb I got would not run right so I got another one and it worked great.
The only issue was that no mater what I did , use different gas , use seafoam, stabill, or nothing, drain the carbs or leave then full, it seams that every spring I would need to take off the carbs a clean them re install and sync them.
This year I noticed the slide diaphragms are in poor shape I was able to get it running but not well.
I decide to try an ebay "searayguy321" intake and carb. I ran into an issue with my tps hitting the head, Robert (searay guy) was ready to help. He offered to make me another one,but I felt a 1/2 inch spacer would work.
He sent them ( for free) and it worked fine.
I did run into some issues but they were my fault :Cable issues I ordered new ones that were wrong. Some intake leaks,and the biggest issue .....bad gas!
Despite the issues having nothing to do with the carburator or manifold Robert gave me some thing that is hard to find today : great tech advice and outstanding service . Some thing that is hard to find today
Thanks SEARAYGUY my bike is ready for spring time ridding

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