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Mini Tachometer & Fram CH6005 Oil Filter

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:53 am
Author: JayTee2215
I hope this is OK to post . . . I am a new guy here, but it seems others post vendor names to buy things. I am not associated with any vendors at all.
So I wanted to put a tach on my 2012 V -Star 250 and kept searching for a deal. Biker's Choice has the mini tach that many have purchased under various other brand names or nameless from other vendors. Trouble was, as I looked they all wanted near $60 to $79 or more these days . . . plus shipping in some cases even on Ebay.

Well, I found two that are sold as "V-Twin" tachs and appear to be the same as the Bikers Choice including the same Red, Blue, Black, and Green wires. The instructions on one web site were the same.

So I found one for $44.28 at Moto Part Hub in Illinois online and ordered it. They offer free shipping on orders over $49 so I added a Fram CH6005 oil filter I needed anyway. Not a bad deal and I thought I would share.

39-0392 V-Twin Mini 60mm Electronic Tach $44.28 1 $44.28
CH6005 FRAM Filtration Oil Filter Yamaha $5.16 1 $5.16
Sub Total: $49.44
Shipping cost: $5.95
Ship Discount:Free Shipping (-$5.95)

Total: $49.44

Re: Mini Tachometer & Fram CH6005 Oil Filter

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:33 am
Author: Tom Boyte
I'm sure the Mods will let you know if it's not. I keep a folder of parts I have purchased with places and prices, parts numbers etc. just for the use of forum members who have questions. It's especially helpful for people who are modifying their bikes. Like you I'm not associated with any dealer. I just like to pass on useful info. to Forum members where I can. Sharing's what we do here on the forum and that's what you did.
Let us know how your tach works after awhile.

Re: Mini Tachometer & Fram CH6005 Oil Filter

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:09 pm
Author: JayTee2215
Thanks Tom. I see a Mod moved the thread to "Motorcycle Parts Finds". . . I will have to search out the navigation here more closely. Seems there are lot's of nooks and crannies. :cl:

I will post a thread when I get to installing the tach. I see there are already some posts regarding tach install on the Virago/V Star 250, but I am thinking of trying a different mounting position so I'll post what I learn as I go.

Re: Mini Tachometer

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:05 pm
Author: 535Flyer
Did you get it installed ok?

Were the instructions full enough to help to get it done?

Where did you wire it to in order to get a signal, coil, spark plug wire? Hope it worked ok.

Re: Mini Tachometer & Fram CH6005 Oil Filter

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:26 pm
Author: eslmatt

If you click on the user name, you can see the last time that they visited the site, This person was 2016... you can also see all of the posts. This way you can took to see if the posted an update in an other thread.

you can also :search2: for tachometers on the site... may help narrow down what will work.