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Some Days Are Diamonds and Some Days Are Stones

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2015 6:20 pm
Author: landcrab
Late last fall I picked up my 95 1100 and got a pretty good deal. The owner was anxious to get rid of it and if you look at my album you can see why it lasted so long on Craigs list. It has white vinyl upholstery with plenty of boot marks on it. He said it was because his wife got tired of sitting down on a hot! seat. I have been searching options, Mustang $430/worn out OE $160/covers $57 but came across an ad in the local craigs list for a seat (looked in good shape) for $100. Drove north for an hour and a half to look at it. I pulled into a little vintage motorcycle shop in the town of Louisville and saw a row of vintage bikes parked out front that included a 93 750 with a rotten damaged seat. Rolf (the owner) came out to meet me and addressed me by name although I had only talked to him once on the phone 3 days earlier. We went inside his office and he rummaged under a table, drawing out a box with Yamaha labels and logos all over it. He pushed the box across the table to me stating that the virago outside had been purchased 2 days ago but a promise was a promise. I opened the box to find a brand new OE seat. The texture in the vinyl was still bright and sharp, the wing panel in between the drivers and passengers pillion was not visible, I had to force my finger between the cushions to verify, all the seams and buttons showing puckering with no folds. I looked at the box labels and found it had been shipped out of Cypress CA. to Boulder Yamaha on 06/27/96. The box side had the part label on it 3JK-24730-00. Before I left he had shown me shelves of Virago parts and given me the name of a vintage motorcycle salvage yard another 30 minutes north that "use to specialize in Viragos" but he is only open Sunday afternoons from 12 to 3pm depending on the weather.
Some days are diamonds and some days are stones, This one was a DIAMOND. Next for a sissy bar pad. Lord I love Viragos and their culture.