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Mysterious Christmas tire

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Mysterious Christmas tire

PostAuthor: Arjay » Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:13 pm

Last night, around 9 or 10pm, I get a loud knocking at my door.

Wth, I think maybe kids banging on something. Then I hear, "it's uncle Lest".

Wth, I think, who's uncle Lest? I now realise from half sleep that someone knocking on my back door (we use the other one more), I say go around other side.

A bit nervous, we got crack head infestations in our neighborhood, so I peek out back.

Its the Ups guy, must had sound like uncle Lest.

A big box I get to take in.

Opening its a brand new Shinko 100/90-19.

Well, not sure what to think, especially since my bike was declared totalled. I got the bike back but as salvage title so might be a good long while...

Thanks to whomever, Merry Christmas...!

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