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Throttle control Lagging

PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:54 pm
Author: Eaglearm
I have this 1300 XV & found ( IMHO ) that the throttle control is maybe out of adjustment. It has a weak/flat spot when I ring its neck & makes the bike jerk until the revs take up a bit. When I am travelling slowly in traffic the bike can suddenly run too fast & I have to throttle down again giving me a kangaroo hop look.

I have tried to adjust the screwout locknut a little but dont know how far to take it before the idle starts to increase & if it does that, how do I adjust the revs back to standard idle. Will adjusting the cable slack, lift the throttle slide out of position & not close off completely?

The manual ( supplied by jake & flyingdog , ( many thanks for that )) says The throttle cable free play should measure 4.0–6.0 mm (0.16–0.24 in) at the
throttle grip.
Mine is well with in those limits, but being fuel injected Im not so familiar with how the carby is set up. Is it a sealed unit, work electronically, does the chip adjust the fuel periodically... Oh so many new questions..

It a little land of discovery isnt... Its EXCITING..

Re: Throttle control Lagging

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:43 am
Author: Flyingdog
I wouldn't have the foggiest of one of those things. Other than, possibly, the TPS is outta adjustment? IIRC, that thing has to be correctly angled to give the correct resistance (number) at any one throttle position. Just taken' a shot in the dark. I know very little when it comes to fuel injection on bikes. Other than from the world of harley. And the word is: When it's great. When it doesn' sucks and one big pita. Most of the times (much like in the world of autos), it takes a plugged-in analyzer to get things back to normal. Just never cared for "fly-by-wire" gizmos.

Re: Throttle control Lagging

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:40 am
Author: bstig60
By chance, did you change exhausts or modify the intake system in any way?
You are going to have an analyzer to check the settings on the fuel injection. Sounds like you have a sensor module going bad. I would take it to a shop that has the test equipment and have it checked out..... Don't feel this is something you can do yourself unless you have the proper tools and training.. One of the disadvantages of fuel injection vs carbs....

Re: Throttle control Lagging

PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:52 am
Author: Eaglearm
Thanks for your input, Flyingdog & bstig60. I havent changed anything on the bike. Im the sorta guy that likes to find out what Ive got & learn how it works before I actually change anything to what it needs to suit me.

Things like a fuel gauge would be a good idea, rather than breaking off a twig & sticking it in the tank. A place to mount a navigator another, but with the exhaust change... No. looks like Im not going there anytime soon. Theres just not enough motorcycle shops/repairers/mechanics or sales places within 30 klm of me, plus the cost of say Vance , hot shots, short shots, Cobras or Bazookas end up being nearly one third the cost of the bike. ( not to mention the fines involved now. )

Like Flyingdog, I have a limited understanding of EFI, ( Electronic fuel injection ) other than ( I think ) fuel is regulated by injectors, but unlike an Amal or Mikuni carb that has a slide with needles & jets, I just dont know how EFI carbys are constructed.
I guess like you said Flyingdog, when everything works, all is well, when it turns to crap its a pita.

Hey I just had a great idea... Open my own DIY workshop. If Im having a hard time finding stuff, there must be lots of others needing somewhere to work on their bikes, a place with the tools & a coke machine.

Re: Throttle control Lagging

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:45 am
Author: Flyingdog
Eaglearm wrote: Is it a sealed unit, work electronically, does the chip adjust the fuel periodically...

That would also be a good guess. As any EFI would have to be fuel mapped thru the ECM and what ever sensors needed to hold the injectors open for any given RPM. The control computer knows the engine rpm and the throttle opening at all times because it receives signals from a tachometer and a throttle-position sensor. Before each fuel-injection spray is delivered, the computer effectively looks up the correct on-time for the current rpm and throttle position by means of the fuel map, then holds the nozzle open for that prescribed amount of time. In the case of a motorcycle, ECM constantly correcting for these variables? Have no idea. I know some Harleys actually do change/correct for fuel delivery needs, at certain times, but it's still beyond me. Kinda like someone just recently told me, as we were admiring his new 2018 Road Glide...nice lines, smooth, classic looks. Coarse he had no frikk'n idea where to even change oil. I simply asked: "But what if this thing suddenly quits on ya in the middle of nowhere?" Response: Cell phone & Credit card. :bg: